Eyes Wide Open

I know it might be too late since Father’s Day was yesterday and all. However, even though my father is no longer with us and we’ve never had the best father son relationship (If you’ve been reading my post, then you know what I’m talking about!). I would like to share some wisdom that this man bestowed upon me, many years ago. My father was not a loving and cuddly human being. He was hardcore, anger and quick with the back of his hand (Or fist). Nevertheless, when he thought you weren’t looking, he could be a somewhat of a nice man. My father always told me, the reason why he was so hard on me. Is because in he’s words “The world is a harsh and unfriendly place. Where you have to keep your eyes wide open and look out for the bullshit, because if you don’t. This world will eat you alive and there’s nobody, who’s going to get you out of it but yourself”. I sometimes do believe that what he said was true for the most part. However, it’s not so bad at the end of the day. Just keep your eyes wide open and you’ll be okay!

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