Usually I’m not a big fan of being an optimistic person, because once I start thinking happy thoughts. The shit hits the fan hard and all my happy thoughts turn sour and so do I. However, this time I think my happy optimistic thoughts, will stay gleeful for a bit. I’ve always been a firm believer in making your lemons into a delicious batch of lemonade. After the news I got last week, I’m sure as hell going to be making my lemonade (With a twist please!). You see, behind all that bullshit about feeling sorry for yourself, there’s always a tomorrow to change that. You might not believe it (God knows I don’t believe it sometimes myself), but there is always a brand new day. I’m probably talking out of my ass right now and I’ll probably take it all back, but I’ll wait until tomorrow. You never know, I might not, I might feel the same way!

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