I do what I like

Most of the people I take photos of are my friends and my niece. Yes, I said my niece. I told this to someone yesterday and I got a bitch face reaction to my responds. Then the person with the overly dramatic bitch face said “Why is your niece even on your blog? Isn’t she a little too young to be on there?” I looked at her and said yes! Yes, she is young, but she’s not doing anything wrong! She loves to play dress up (I make some of the things she wears!) with her crazy uncle. To me I find my time with her precious. In a few years, she’ll get older. She won’t want to play with her crazy uncle anymore. I’ll be a toy who collects dust with her worn out Barbie’s. Moreover, all I’ll have is the pictures I took of her. So yes, bitch face. She might be young but she’s my niece and this is my blog. Therefore, I can do whatever, the fuck I want and nobody is going to tell me otherwise!

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