The Things I Keep

I sometimes think of this blog as a mini-journal. I write my thoughts and some feelings. Like any person would do if they has a journal (Like Doug. Does anybody remember Doug and his Journal?). However, mines Dear diary is a little different. First of all this is blog! This means, that people are going to or are already reading this. So if I put some personally things on here. People are going to read it. Just typing that notion gives me major anxiety. Second, I don’t like sharing a lot on here or anywhere really. Sure, you’ll get the occasional confession. Like me, having ADD or me having anxiety (But who doesn’t these days?). On the other hand, if I’m feeling like an emotional pussy. I’ll share a little bit about my personal life, but that very rare. Third, does anybody really give a shit? Somethings are just meant to be kept to yourself and I like it that way.

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