Boy? Girl? Who Care’s!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetTrue story, when I was a little boy, I thought I was really a girl. Sure, I had a dick between my legs. However, I thought that was just a mistake, which would eventually fall off, and I’ll have a vagina. Like all the other girls, that showed me there’s. When we played “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”, I mean, I’ve never liked playing with boys that much. I hated playing sports and with tiny, boring cars. I’ve always loved playing with the ladies. We would play house or princess (I would always be the princess). Then one day, my rose-colored glasses shattered into a million, heart-breaking pieces. I found out… I was nothing more, then a boring boy. I was so upset. I was even more upset, when my father beat the living shit out of me one day. In front of all my classmates, after he saw me playing dress-up, with the girls (I guess wearing a sparkling, pink dress, does not look good in the eyes of a father). After that, I wasn’t allowed to play with girls anymore.
Nevertheless, while my little pony dreams and tea party invites. Were just a phase I grew out of (Quickly! Thanks daddy!). Some kids still feel like he or she. Are not who their supposed to be? Moreover, that’s okay! If you’re a boy, who know deep down inside, that you’re a girl. The same goes for a girl, who knows she’s really a boy. Then you shouldn’t be a shamed of it. It’s alright! It will get better. Especially if you have supportive parents, who will be there with you for everything, and anything you need. At first, they might think it’s a phase. Yet, let you be the judge of that. Don’t let someone beat it out of you or worse. Be whoever you want to be, and you will be happy in your own skin.

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