You’re So Vain

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

You and countless others like me. Love to stare at our favorite blogs for countless hours. Looking at their newest post to see, what new items of clothing they’ve just “purchased”. Sure, I look at the clothing as well. I just go to those blogs to look at the beautiful photography. Lately, I’ve been so enamored by these blogs and some Instagram’s accounts. That I started asking said bloggers questions. Just some simple questions like “Where did you take that picture?”, “Is there a special camera you use?” You know, shit like that! I even asked a VERY famous blogger (She’ll remain nameless) a question about a pair of Balenciaga boots I really wanted to get. However, I got no responses from her or the other bloggers I’ve come to admirer.
I mean you clearly have a button in big bold letters, which reads ASK ME. However, clearly it’s just there for decoration. Listen! It’s not as if I’m asking you to stop, what you’re doing. (I mean it must be exhausting. Wearing free designer goodies and traveling the world for free). To answer a simple question about, what camera you’re using or the locations of pictures you’ve taken (Must be hard task for you to answer a question). I might seem like I’m being a little bitch and I’m complaining about unanswered questions. You might be right. Nevertheless, don’t forget you have people, like me. Who love what you do and it won’t hurt for you to answer an easy question.
For example, if someone asked me about the photo above. I would tell them. I took it in Montclair, New Jersey, across the street from the Wellmont Theater, at a parking lot. I took it with my IPhone. All the clothes are from H&M, except for the shoes and pleather jackets (I borrowed them from my sister. She still does not know I borrowed them). Is there anything else you want to know? Just ask? I mean that! Just ask!

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