Bucket List

Processed with VSCOcam with q9 presetWhen I turn 18 eons ago, my best friend and I made a bucket list. We’re going to do said bucket list before we turned 30. Her list was a simply list of maybe twenty or so things. However, I had a whole page of exciting things. I wanted to do, before I turn the big 30. Sure, I’ve done something’s on my list here and there. Since I’ve turn 18, Nevertheless, I never really got to finish it. She on the other hand, never began her list. I guess things change when the way you want you’re live to be. Turns out to be very different and kicks you in the ass. Not even a month after our list was made. She got herself a boyfriend then got married a year later.
I spoke to her a couple of days ago. Reminiscing about old times and I asked her about her list. A list that she so badly wanted to do, she laughed at me and said “Who’s has time for a bucket list? When you don’t even have time to sit down and think…think about anything…anything at all”. When she said that, my mind went back to that night back in 2002. Sitting in our favorite booth in our favorite 24 diner, laughing aloud at the stupidest jokes, we would tell each other. While smoking Newport cigarettes and sharing a plate of fries and more cigarettes. That night we sat there and wrote our lists. Back then, she bet me that, she would finish her list before I did.
Now here we are years later, and all she can think about. Is her grocery list and making appointments to her dogs vet? I, on the other hand still have my list. I found it a day after my conversation with my friend. It was half ripped, stained with food and covered in dust. I pinned it up to my wall. I just stared at it, as I lied on my bed. I said to myself, while I read my chicken scratched covered list, written from my 18-year-old self. What should I do first?

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