Same Model, “Different Issue”?

untitled-1 (1)I’ve been an avid Vogue reader since forever and a day. However, lately I’ve been going international route with my Vogues. You know? A little Italian Vogue one day, some Paris Vogue (Although Paris Vogue was at its peak. When queen Roitfeld was there to reign), the next day and so on and read on. Why my infidelities with American Vogue? Well to be honest. It’s just getting somewhat mundane and unbearably uninspiring. I just feel like every issue is the same. The same model or they might switch it up with, I don’t know. With the same damn model, they didn’t use from the previous issue. Listen, I understand we all have our favorites. If your parents have favorites (Which they do! If they say, they don’t. Then they’re lying there asses off!). Then Vogue definitely has their favorites. In addition, not just with their clotheshorses (Caroline Trentini and Sasha Pivovarova I’m talking about you!). They also like to use the same photographers. Who I guess like to use the same concepts in every single editorial of Vogue? I guess thinking out of the boxes. Is really getting challenging…huh? Come on Vogue! Either inject some Pulp Fiction into your magazine. Or Vogue will just be a bedtime book for insomniacs (I say insomniacs. Because who needs Ambien when they have this magazine to read), and let’s not forget the elderly. They love a good yawn as well.

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