Call me anything, but don’t call me old!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetWhen I was 10 or 11 years old, I saw the Grey Gardens documentary for time. After that, I’ve watched it more times, than I can count. If you’ve ever seen it, then you know the story of two reclusive socialites, a mother and daughter both named Edith Beale, who lived at Grey Gardens. Grey Gardens was there decaying home. Where they a bunch of stray cats and raccoons lived in happiness. With a dash of smelly cat urine, (I’m being sarcastic!). I’m not going to give the whole story away. If you haven’t seen it, then what are you waiting for? You would love this movie. (Trust me!). You’ll especially fall in love and be transfixed, but the one and only Little Edie Beale. Not only for her one of a kind, everything but the kitchen sink, style of hers. Which we’ve all loved, and ohh over for decades. Let’s not forget that charisma of hers. Which just lit up every room in that house. She was her own show and all she wanted. Was for us to come and see The Little Edie extravaganza. I’m sorry Big Edie, but Little Edie was Grey Gardens and you were just a supporting player. There will never be anyone like her and those who try to mimic her. Are just sad clones, of a woman. Who can never be replicated!

2 thoughts on “Call me anything, but don’t call me old!

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