Who’s That Girl?

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Today I got a weird email from someone. Wanted to know who one of the girl’s, I take pictures of were? First thought was “Creepy”! Second thought was “Someone actually read this blog about my mini rants and nothings”. Moreover, my third thought was “Are they for real”? Therefore, I decided to devote this post to my friend and semi-model Natalie (No last name). Yes that her real name. We meet at work and fell in love (Not saying where I work because it’s really none of your business! And I mean in love as in became good friends. Let’s not get any ideas.). We don’t work with each other anymore, because she found a better job (She was lucky enough to get out. Of that hell, we call work.) She was nice enough to model for me. She was up for it and I love her for it. I went to Forever 21 brought a bunch of clothes. Had her keep some of them and the rest of returned. I mean, what was I going to do with women’s clothes? There weren’t my size anyways (Sad!).  You’ll be seeing more of her here and so stay tuned.

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