Milking It

_nmf63bfkVo1up1f6oo1_1280I was born in the 80’s but raised in the 90’s (Even though I think I was born in the wrong decade!). Back then, we didn’t have all this media bullshit, which gets us distracted from ours lives. If something happened back then. We were there to enjoy it or to witness it. There was no iPhones shoved in our faces or other parts of our bodies. Nor was there a button to rewind, stop or fast forward (I sometimes wish we had one for life. Instead of for DVR). Sadly nowadays. If you want to say something, do something or just have a stupid thought in you empty mind. You have 10 billion mediums to tell it. You can either twat it, Facebook it, Snapchat it and so on and so bored.
Don’t get me wrong. I would be a hypocrite, if I said I don’t have a Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook (Which I do. I’m pretty addicted to Tumblr. It’s my crack). Real talk though? I don’t use Facebook anymore. I hate looking at my wall and having people. Write about mundane and unimportant events in their sad little lives. I don’t care if you just took a shit or if your favorite team just won. I really don’t give two shits and a half, if your cat gave birth. I’m not a fan of cats, (I’m also not a big fan of. This whole Zendaya/Fashion Police bullshit. People get over it. It wasn’t even a big deal, that all of you made it out to be. Guess what? Nobody really gives a fuck who or what a Zendaya is! Move on already!) Now, if you have talent and you want to let people see that said talent. You now have to have said mediums, to let people know “Hey look at me! I have talent”! Basically you have to milk it like a cow. Until that little drop of attention hits the pale. However, We’ve all come to realize that people care more about looks and what outfit is she/he wearing today. Then anything else. So that said talented person, is shit out of milk (If you know what I mean!).
Now, I’m not write this mini rant about me, because unlike some people (Most people). I’m realistic and I know that the stars don’t align for everyone. I could do what others do. You know? If your bored you take the bitchy route and start talking shit about people. Because that’s what people want to hear. Sure, I’ve said my share of shit talking, but does that make me a troll? Like some of these asshole out there (Aside from the Zendaya thing!). Who won’t show their faces behind, that huge pile of shit talking? I, on the other hand am just being real!  And will own up to my faults. Nowadays though you can’t even tell the difference. Between a troll and a genuine person. That’s that lives were living in now. We care more about what a person is wearing or what she/he said about another person. Instead of caring about what’s going on around us. I really miss the 90’s. Aside from some really bad fashion choices. The 90’s had real good music, no bitchy house wives on television, no selfies, no hashtags after a word, and we didn’t care about capturing live on our phones. We were actually living it. No like button required.

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