Who Want’s To Be Basic?

_1109789 (1)

What do you consider basic these days? Is it you sipping on your favorite Starbucks coffee or refreshing teas? Is it buying a bag from Michael Kors? Or do you just consider everything. That’s boring and ordinary basic these days? The word basic has been throw around the block so many times. I think it basic, just using the damn word (I’m getting tired just using the word on this post!). I don’t think drinking Starbucks green tea lemonade is uninteresting at all. I also don’t think Michael Kors, is a common label. Maybe, some of those MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS bags. Need a little sprucing up (We’ll talk about that later Michael!). Sure, there’s been somethings, that I would consider basic. Like a Megan Trainor, (I know a couple of basic bitches) or horribly, obvious basic things like. Uggs with skirts or with anything for that matter. Juicy Couture, Fox News and let not forget Facebook. Are people still on that mess?
However, it pretty hard to believe, that one of my favorite designers. Might go the same basic route. About a week ago. Marc Jacobs decided he was done, with he’s Marc by Marc Jacobs label. After 14 years of affordable mid-price level clothing, and with the recent rejuvenation of said label. Headed up by Katie Hiller and Luella Bartley. Who really did an amazing and powerful job, at giving a might jolt, to Marc Jacobs little sister label. All for the sake IPO or whatnot? We’ll have to wait and see. How by combining the two labels together to tell one story. Won’t make it basic and also won’t make Marc. Lose what some designers don’t have. This sense of fun and unordinary brilliance. That he’s always had, since the begin of he name sake label and the late MBMJ.

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