Never Ask A Girl With Winged Eye liner, Why She’s Late….

FullSizeRenderI love good eye liner. Of course not on me (I can’t pull it off. Plus I’m not a douche bag, has-been!), but on a girl(s), who know how to work it. The world is yours! If you apply on a good pair of sexy winged eyes (It does take practice and patience). Seriously, though! Have you ever met a girl with winged eyes? Who’s not confident in herself? Just get yourself a good eye liner (I used Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner, on my model, but you can use whatever you’d like.) and your self-esteem will rise. As high as the wings your draw on your eyes lids. You can either Amy Winehouse them or just keep it G like Rihanna. The eyes are the limit. However, you draw them on. You’ll always look good and strong. No matter what.

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