Balenciaga Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear


If there was ever an apocalypse, I would want Nicolas Ghesquière to make the clothes. Why would I say, such a thing? You people must think, I’m going cray? (I’m already there!). However, if you’re infatuated with this beautiful, talented man, that is one Nicolas Ghesquière (I’m a slave 4 U, Boo!). Then you know his work. Before Alexander Wang, became the reigning prince of Balenciaga. The King was Nicolas and he could do no wrong. He still can’t, now that he’s dominating Louis Vuitton. One of my favorite collection for the label. Was the spring 2007 ready-to-wear collection and let me tell you. These models were more than ready, to show off these clothes. I shouldn’t even call them clothes, because that’s just an insult to this remarkable designer.

The collection looked like if these women were ready for war. As they prepared for combat. They collected a bunch of nothing to made something beautiful, for them to go into battle. They made their fashionable uniform out of some scrapes. They took from the Thierry Mugler archives. Car and bicycles parts. Stolen art they found at abandon homes, that once belong to the wealthy. As well as some pieces, they rip of robots. Who try to get in there way. These women looked like a new X-men character; nobody would want to fuck with. One look at them and they would melt your insides, with just a look or a pose. Nicolas is a genius at what he created for Balenciaga. With he’s futurist look at things, tossed in with his modern day touches. It’s no wonder why, even today. Designers are still emulating he’s work. However, Nicolas did it first and he did it better.


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