Pearls of Wisdom

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When I start this blog (Which will be a month old. In about 7 days or so). I started it to have a tiny outlet, for the things I love to do. Like photography, fashion, styling and being a shit talker extraordinaire (I’ve been told). I never intended for this blog to be a daily diary nor do I intended to play Bridget Jones to it. I’m not going to write about my everyday mundane rituals. Like, what I eat for breakfast? or what product I use, to wash my balls with? I’m not that kind of being who open up. At the click of a new blog entry. That’s always been the kind of person I am. I made this blog to escape the boringness, which is my so called life. It’s always nice to have an escape from it all. Who doesn’t want to run away from it all once in a while? (I rather like doing it more than just once in a while). Of course, I’m not a hermit. I’m not going to hide in my fabulous designed shell. I’ll share some tiny bits about myself here and there. However, don’t except a Barbara Walter’s like tell all interview. Save that for the bloggers who like the attention you feed them. They eat that shit up!

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