To Rockie With Love…


So this morning at around 2 am. Bored and having another sleepless moment (I have them from time to time). I went online and logged on to one of my favorite sites shopping mecca, As I’m getting diabetes from all the eye candy. I see it, I’ve found it! It was there calling my name. Let me tell you. I am in LOVE with this duffle Bag. Alexander Wang is ridiculously good. When it comes to bags…Sigh! This Rockie duffle bag is just lovely. The delicious Cylindrical pebbled leather (I bet the leather smells better, then a brand new car. It’s smells like glory!), with silver-tone hardware on the base. Those studs are there, to fend off the haters. As they catch me at the mall and will look at me with, the evil eye of hate (I know that look very well. I invented it.). And they will tell themselves,” I wish I had that duffle”! Well guess what? You don’t! I do! ….. Well soon.

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