No More Snow Please


Growing up where I did. I was always surrounded by all type of women of color. All very different in their own way. They were all strong women who represent a strong sense of worth and self. And had no qualms about who they were. You think seeing people in various shades of color, who’ve been around the melting pot. Representing everyday life. Would translate in other realms of life. When you’re a fat, mixed race kid, who would read Vogue and W magazine under his bed . To escape from the boring life he was living. You think the images in those magazines, were also be fill with exquisite women of color. However, sadly I never really saw as much color, as I saw snow, lots of it. Sure, who doesn’t like there dose of Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista or Shalow Harlow, but I also wanted to see more. Of Alek Wex, Naomi Campbell or lesser known models. Like Beverly Peel, Jessica White and Kiara Kabukuru.

I know people have talked about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. And sure there’s been a tiny glimmer of hope. For these now crop of models come our way. However, there still a lot of work to be done and talking about it isn’t going to make. This ongoing and sad situation fix just like that. They could start by having more than just one or two women of color. At a runway show or inside of a magazine. I mean, who made up this ridiculous rule anyways? Does there really, only have to be one girl. Who supposed to represent the billions of girls of color? Who look through to see, like it was the bible (In some ways it is). If they see a girl?  Who looks just like them? Only after to see a row full of women who don’t?

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