What’s Up With Celine….Right?


Now, I’ve been a BIG fan of Phoebe Philo, since her Chloe days. Ever since her arrival to the house of Celine in 2008. She’s had us on the edge of our seats (Or in my case. On the edge of my bed). Just waiting to see, what’s she’s going to show next. However, this time, I think she lost it…completely. I thought things couldn’t get anymore cray. After she had the balls. To show those patch work, floral dresses from her SS 2015 collection. That was a mind blowing WTF to say the least, but after looking at this collection. I’d say, she’s really went crackers. Since when is it alright for a woman to wear a bed comforter as a coat, dress or even cape? Then there where those prints, which look like it, came out of an Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book. Don’t even get me started on those odd looking poodle pom-poms (Purse?). I’m sorry if I’m the only one that thinks it was a bottle episode-like collection. And not a fun and playful show, like you blind people think it is. The only decent looking pieces of clothing. Were those slip dresses and the Vans like sneakers (Which you can get for much cheaper. At an actual Vans store), but other than that. Everything else looked like a big hot, steamy mess.

I’m not saying I don’t love what Phoebe’s bring to Celine nowadays. I just hope she’ll bring something better next time.

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