The Untouchable….

tumblr_nkm6ex2yfu1qh275wo1_1280Do you ever get the feeling in the bottom of your stomach? You know that feeling? The feeling of something you can’t have. The feel of not having what you want or that feeling. Of having something so close to you, that you can feel it. In the tip of your fingers but as you try to grab on to it. It slowly slips away and all you have. Is the feeling….that untouchable feeling? Well, I sometimes feel like that. When it comes to things I can’t have. Like an Alexander Wang Coco bag or the lottery. However, what really brought me to writing this post is. What the hell do I have to do to get my paws? On those YEEZY Boost? Seriously, Kanye! What do I have to do? It’s like the red October’s all over again. Next time just make enough of those sneakers and then I won’t have to get all emotional. Over a pair of your untouchable sneakers…..sigh!

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