The Ugly Betty Effect


If you’re like me. Then you probably get bored at work (Which is every day of my life). You pass the long hours at your shitty job. Looking at websites like (Or am I the only one?). To see what your favorite designers have cooked up for the upcoming fall. Now, if you’re also like me (Which you’re not because there can only be one me and face it people or person. I’m the business!). You tent to see a trend happening in the designers collections. Clearly these creators of all thing far and untouchable, have either dug out there inner geek or freak. On the other hand, they’ve been hit the play button too many time on Netflix, while binging on Ugly Betty (One of my all-time favorite shows!). Everyone once upon a time has had an Ugly Betty moment in his or her life. Maybe you’re still going through it. All I’m saying is. You should embrace your strange. If you love wearing grandma-like embroider sweaters, with a huge pendant to boot. Then go right ahead. If you feel like nobody gets you or your original style. Then just flash them, that brace face of your. As if you were saying, fuck you! Because guess what? You’re fabulous! You’re having yourself a moment.

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