My First Wang……


If you’ve just awoken up from a deep sleep or a coma, then sadly (For you that is) you’ve missed one of the best collaborations EVER! You probably think I’m being a drama queen (I get that a lot) or you might be jealous; because you missed out. Nevertheless, whatever your choice is for missing out. I still think that this Alexander Wang x H&M collabo. Was the stuff that makes gay men and fashion cray women scream for materialistic joy. Sure, I was awake for 4 hours prior to the 9 o’clock set time. Sure, when it was time to select the items I wanted (There was a lot I wanted and I was willing to pay my left nut for them), the website froze for a couple of minutes , which to me felt like hours going into days. I was literally having anxiety and swimming in a puddle of my own sweat and tears. Moreover, after the site unfroze itself. My panic hit legit hardcore. Before I could pick the rest of the stuff, I wanted. Everyone and their mother had already gotten what they wanted. I ended up with this gray, scuba sweater and a Wang hat. All the men and women’s wear were sold out. Not even a key chain for the road.

So after not sleep for lord know how long. Just to get a sweater and hat. I ask myself “Would I don’t this shit again?” Of course, I would! It’s Alexander Wang for god sake!

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