Romanticizing Gucci

mineI really wanted to hate on this Gucci show. After viewing the Gucci’s men show and yelling from the top of my inner voice, “Who would put a Gucci man in a pussy bow blouse?” I really thought Alessandro Michele, was going to destroy the house that Tom Ford built. Sure Frida Giannini came after Tom Ford but she could never do what he did, she had her moments (Far and very few). However, I’ve always felt she was too busy perfecting the copious amounts of bitch faces, whenever someone asked her a question about her current collection.
Then here comes Alessandro Michele, whom before being appointed Boss Gucci. Was the head designer for leather good? I guess the Kering Group (They’re the ones who own Gucci), got lazy and just decided to hire from inside the house. Instead of picking from the list of designers that wanted this job. The Kering dudes should have come their senses and picked Christopher Kane instead. He would have been my choice if, there was a contest and we had to phone in our choice. For Gucci’s next designer (I would so watch that show). However, after looking at the show today, I was in love and ate every little bit of my words. With some salt and pepper, so they would go down better.
This girl was the girl of my dreams, with a fabulous wardrobe to match. She’s the daughter of Iris Apfel and Margot Tenenbaum. Who plays old PJ Harvey and New Order in the background, as she gets ready for a lazy afternoon of tea and nothings. She wears her thrifty, but modern inspired floral dresses and fur coats. That complements her disheveled pink hair. Never forgetting her, big chunky rimmed glasses with every outfit change; she wears every piece of Gucci rings, she finds in her mother’s jewelry box. Moreover, doesn’t give a damn, if she looks ridiculous. I’m sure you may disagree with my outlook on this collection. You’ll probably saying to yourself, that the old Gucci is now gone. However, I don’t think I’ll miss the old Gucci that much. I kind of can’t wait to see what; this new girl’s all about.

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